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Connecting Isaac and you will Jacob with the Category of Abraham


Connecting Isaac and you will Jacob with the Category of Abraham

… Sarah will not appear in ch. 24. Looking right back along side facts, the brand new site might possibly be only to the father exactly who, early in the fresh part, believed that he had been near to demise. It’s possible ergo the concluding sentence ran: ‘Very Isaac is comforted adopting the death of their dad.’…

Gunkel’s option would be perhaps not enough, but not. Their argument you to definitely “if servant involves Isaac, Isaac tells him one his father keeps died regarding the interim,” ignores that the newest servant relates to Isaac due to the fact “his grasp” before several had a way to speak (v. 65), of which part, the latest slave lack identified you to Abraham had died. Furthermore, this new find on Isaac searching for morale to possess his mom’s death connects obviously so you’re able to Sarah demise (ch. 23), meaning that there is no justification in order to emend the new verse so you can “dad.”

A great Fragment of Lifestyle

I will suggest one originally it was Isaac, presumably by himself initiative, exactly who directs out of their servant to find him a partner. Hence, if the servant efficiency that have Rebecca, the guy gift suggestions her straight away to Isaac.

While i dispute in my “Isaac prior to He was Abraham’s Child” (TheTorah 2020), Abraham used to be a separate patriarch, who offered by yourself since “father” of the nation

An editor modified the majority of the new narrative (vv. 1–52), you to to begin with worried about Isaac simply, presenting Abraham given that individual who cared for his young buck and you can set-up getting their relationships just before their demise. For this reason, the man relates to “his master Abraham” (vv. twelve, twenty seven, 42, 48) in fact it is titled “Abraham’s servant” (vv. 34, 52), and much of discussion is approximately brand new slave shopping for a beneficial wife towards the master’s young man.

An excellent fragment of your own first brand of new story are preserved out-of v. 53, and this describes this new servant’s provide so you can Rebecca’s aunt and you will mommy, before the end of one’s narrative, in just some article glosses (vv. 59, and you can 67a).

Right here, new servant try referred to just due to the fact “this new servant” or “the man” (vv. 53, 58, 61, 65 [twice], 66), which will exactly as easily be a mention of Isaac’s servant. More rather, beginning with verse 54, we find “the brand new servant” speaking to Rebecca’s mommy and you can sister from the “my grasp” (vv. 54, 56) in the place of “my personal master Abraham” (as with vv. twelve, twenty-seven, 35–37, 39, 42, 48):

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Gen The brand new slave brought out things of silver and gold, and clothes, and you may provided these to Rebecca; and he gave merchandise in order to their sis and her mother. He then and also the men with him ate and you may consumed, and they invested the night time. When they arose next early morning, the guy told you, “Give me personally get-off to see my grasp.”… The guy believed to all of them, “Do not slow down myself, now that YHWH made my errand successful. Give myself leave that i might go to my grasp.”

From this point up to verse 65, brand new servant seems to be making reference to Isaac when he states “my personal master;” that is obvious as he shows you so you’re able to Rebecca exactly who the guy addressing them are.

As to why are the story reworked to really make the step for the ‘s and not Isaac’s? In the first place, new Abraham and you can Isaac reports was separate lifestyle, and you can weren’t connected: Isaac wasn’t Abraham’s son. Meanwhile, Isaac and his awesome young buck Jacob-the daddy out-of Israel-belonged so you’re able to a multiple, independent, federal community.

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