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Some are for a wide range of people, such as a no essay scholarship open to students of any education level. Discover thousands of exclusive scholarships by major, available only on Select your field of study below to access scholarships for your major. The award does not cover living expenses for family members or the cost of international travel.


Our goal is to help you find to make school more affordable. Applicants must be a national residing in of one of the aforementioned countries. As applications are handled by local entities, interested individuals must liaise with the appropriate country-based unit (contact details provided below).

Real Scholarship

The criteria for receiving entitlements are based on federal need, city or state of residence, or affiliation with an employer. An entitlement grant may have a merit component, but if the student would not receive the resource without need, the resource is generally considered an entitlement. Need-based scholarships are awarded based on a student’s financial need, as determined by their family’s income, assets, and other factors.


District grants can be used to sponsor secondary school, undergraduate, or graduate students studying any subject, either locally or abroad. The scholarship may cover any length of time, from a six-week language training program to a year or more of university study. Scholarships can be found through most high schools, colleges, and many scholarship websites.

Why our students love us offers all sorts of scholarship opportunities that you can browse by looking at the scholarship search page. Use filters to find categories that suit your experiences and interests and begin applying for your chance to limit future student loans. offers scholarships for international students attending school in the United States.


Access thousands of exclusive categorized by grade level. Find below the ones you are eligible to apply for depending on academic performance. The Fastweb College Scholarship Directory highlights new and large scholarships by category within Fastweb’s state-of-the-art scholarship database. The directory brings together scholarships by student category and every opportunity is approved the Fastweb research team before it reaches their national scholarship database. Scholarships are available to students at all school levels and represent various interests and attributes.

Application Process

Computer and technology majors are encouraged to take a look at exclusive computer science and technology scholarships. Please use the email or mailing address for the country where you currently live. If an email address is not available for the country where you live, then the programme is not available there. Completed applications must be submitted to the agency from which the ISP application form was obtained.

Is it possible to get a full scholarship as an international student?

Yes. Many universities in the U.S. offer scholarships to international students. It can depend on which college or university the student wants to attend. In addition, the Fulbright scholarship, which is funded by the government, gives full-tuition scholarships to its recipients.

Easy scholarships are created to help make scholarship applications simpler and give you experience in the application process. If you’renew to the procedures, use the easy scholarships listed here as an introduction to the experience. This gives you the chance to apply to many scholarships for college or graduate school, increasing your chances of winning. Scholarships for high school students are some of the most popular since high school is the perfect time to prepare for the next step in your educational journey. Students that start applying early learn skills that will help with scholarship opportunities in the future and will give them a greater chance to earn financial aid for college.

How to start your university application with QS

For new students or returning graduates residing in the state of Idaho who want to further their education at WGU. For new students or returning graduates residing in the state of Colorado who want to further their education at WGU. For new students or returning graduates residing in the state of Arizona who want to further their education at WGU. An eligible student can receive one WGU scholarship award per degree. In the event that a student qualifies for multiple WGU scholarships, the scholarship committee will consider each opportunity and will then select which one to award (if any).

Designed to help students through to finish their degree even though their previous university is no longer open. Scholarships are one of the many ways in which WGU removes obstacles from your path to achieving your education goals and improving your career opportunities. Rotary members are essential to recruiting qualified candidates for Rotary Peace Fellowships. You can advance peace in troubled areas around the world by promoting peace fellowships and supporting peace fellow candidates through the application process.

Current students may apply for funding they are eligible for at any time after their first term is completed. WGU employees and family members who are eligible for the WGU employee discount are not eligible for WGU scholarships. Although some full scholarships will be based on financial need rather than academic excellence, some will take both into account, or only be awarded to exceptional students.

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  • The PLUS Loan is designed for parents of undergraduate students and graduate and professional students.
  • For new students or returning graduates residing in the state of Montana who want to further their education at WGU.

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